Giving back to the community

Our mission is to empower girls to help them become whoever they want to be. This is why a portion of our profit goes to support a non-profit organisation that focuses on empowering and educating girls in need. Education: Access's mission is to provide scholarships, mentorship and support for disadvantaged girls in developing countries, with the aim of contributing to their overall development and education.

What is the donation used for?

Around half of the girls in India drop out of school between grades 9 to 12. The scholarship program supports those girls to be able to continue their education.

Education:Access specifically aims to identify girls with both a high chance of dropping out and academic potential. Past experience has shown that this is the formula with the highest impact.

Selected girls receive 100% scholarships that cover all school-related costs until graduation, e.g. fees, books, stationery, uniforms.

If you want to learn more about Education:Access or donate directly, have a look at their website.


Education:Access Indian girls
Education:Access Logo

Why do we trust Education:Access?

The organisation is run by volunteers that have a day job and run this charity because they strongly believe in the cause.

Knowing one of the founders personally and having a trustful relationship, allows us to be 100% confident that the money really goes to the girls in need.