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Mint Girls is a brand dedicated to empowering girls and help them have all options open to them.

We produce clothes for girls that love science, spaceships, trucks, robots and more. Because who doesn't love that? We only get the best for our girls! Our high-quality, sustainable, organic, practical and beautiful clothing is sewn in a factory in Portugal.

Sustainability is an important topic for us and we are looking for solutions that are in line with that. All our clothes are made out of organic cotton and we are reducing packaging as much as possible. We are working with a production company that has the same values and is supporting us very well on that journey. They have a strong believe to create a truly sustainable fashion industry.

Our clothes are made out of organic cotton. The designs are made by amazingly talented designers who wanna make sure that our girls have fun and colorful dresses, leggings and shirts to wear. Find out more about them on our Designers page.

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Eva Parth dos Santos, founder of Mint Girls

My story

Everyone who bought clothes for kids has been there: you go to a clothing store and there are the girls' clothes, all pink and glittery and full of unicorns and fairies. On the other side the boys: blue and grey, with dinosaurs, robots, and cars. But what do you do when you have a little girl that likes cars or astronauts? You shouldn’t need to go to the boys section, there should be options for girls, too!

I have found myself in exactly that situation and got increasingly frustrated. Why couldn’t I find clothing for my two young and smart girls (yes, that is a very objective view) that love spaceships and trucks? Why were those designs only available for boys? That’s when I decided to take action.


Gender stereotypes are ingrained into us already at a very young age. Toys, books, clothes... Boys learn that science and technology is for them, while girls only get princesses and fairies. This way we teach girls to hold back in their interest for science, technology, engineering and mathematics, because it’s not meant for them.

So we decided to do something about it and develop a clothing line for girls that love spaceships, trucks and robots. We need to show girls that everything is possible, that nothing is out of their reach and their future is in their own hands.



Founder of Mint Girls

Female astronauts

Have you ever seen a dress with female astronauts? No?

We are here to change that! Our great astronaut design is for all girls that want to go to the moon. Or to the playground - that also works.


Letters and words

A great way for kids to find all the letters of their names. And for everyone to see how we think our girls are best described by finding the three hidden words.

Can you find the three words?

Because girls are ..., .... and ...

Trucks and constructions

Many girls are fascinated about big trucks and constructions sites. There is so much happening and to discover at those sites!


Female scientists

We love that our girls have so many questions and are curious about so many different things. This is the perfect start to a life as a scientist - always asking questions and never stop exploring.


We love strong, brave and nice dragons that are just as mystical as our girls sometimes.

Empty hangers. We'll soon fill them up with our future collections.

More collections

More collections are to come. The next collection is planned for Autumn 2022. Stay tuned!

Any particular motives you would like to see on a girls dress? Write to us!